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You Oughta Be in Pictures!
Eclectia has long been known for our commitment to the extraordinary.  Unique decor items, memorable gifts and distinctive props have been a part of our business since its inception. Our photo studio is no exception. 

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Eclectia is practically impossible to describe in one word ... or one sentence ... or even one website.  You just never know exactly what you'll find here: home decor, funky lighting, movie props, furniture, artwork, party supplies, and even some tech gadgets.  We have disco balls and strobe lights, fog machines, bubble makers and bubble fog machines ... sound and lighting mixing boards, a dj booth, 6 foot tall nutcrackers, the urn from the 1963 movie 'Cleopatra' with Liz Taylor, several 8 foot tall golden replicas of the 'oscar' statue, and a frog umbrella with ears.  Lots of crazy stuff for almost any occasion -- from christmas to halloween to valentine's day ... sun glasses, cologne, handbags and scarves ... bar stools, sofas, mirrors and wine glasses too. BOTTOM LINE: 
You have to check it out for yourself!
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